Tried and true tips to getting responses within 24 hours…even in a pandemic.

A group of sparkling diamonds
A group of sparkling diamonds

Ask any hiring manager, most applicants don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to the “Tell us about yourself” section on the application. They either leave it blank, write too much or too little, come off uninterested or too eager, appear under-qualified or overqualified, and the list goes on and on. But when those rare “Goldilocks” applicants appear, hiring managers immediately stop what they are doing and reply. In this post, I’ll share some tried and true tips I learned from Ariane Mohamadi, that got me same-day responses…even during the pandemic.

Mistake #1: How you apply

The biggest mistake when applying for a job…

5 things I’ve learned from having amazing mentors

two hands giving a thumbs up surrounded by dancing stars
two hands giving a thumbs up surrounded by dancing stars

With shelter-in-place, there’s been a huge hunger for human connection and helping others. As a result, I’ve seen many mentorship platforms like ADPList arise. Although it’s amazing that people want to put aside working on their own career growth to invest in someone else’s, I feel like there’s more talk about the “mentor” title versus the quality of the mentorship provided. As someone who’s had some amazing mentors in my career journey, I want to share 5 things I’ve learned (and am still practicing) on how to do mentorship well.

1. Be intentional with your selection

Mentorship done right takes time and energy — both of…

An etiquette guide for the driven, yet considerate, mentee

two hands giving a high five surrounded by dancing stars
two hands giving a high five surrounded by dancing stars

The power of mentorship is clear. People with mentors advance in their careers faster, perform better, and tend to be happier in their current jobs. Despite all the benefits of having a mentor, and even though 76% of people think mentors are important, only 37% have one (Source).

Asking someone to be your mentor is awkward no matter how many times you do it and there isn’t much formal training on how to go about it. In order to successfully transition from a classroom teacher to a senior designer in a little over three and a half years, I had…

A guide to professional and effective negotiating

So you got the offer — Congratulations! You’re super excited, right? No? Oh, they totally low balled you? But you didn’t sign yet, right? Ok good, it’s not game over yet!

So many of us have experienced this exact situation — where you land a dreamy role coupled with a not-so-dreamy offer. You start to question, did I not communicate my value well enough? Is this the pay I deserve? You start to believe your new salary as your worth and fail to negotiate in fear that they may retract their offer. Let me stop you right there. No matter…

Strategies to stay motivated while job searching in a pandemic

Finding a job can be really painful and demoralizing, especially in a pandemic. Finding the motivation to keep going, rejection after rejection, is hard when you are feeling undervalued and things are out of control. Although it may seem you have little control of the outcome of this job search, you do have control over your process. Here are some tidbits that helped me endure my most recent job search during this pandemic.

1. Start with an inventory check

Before you even go into your process, take some time to list out all the things you’ve done at your current or last company. If you can…

Are you questioning if teaching is really for you? My journey out of teaching and into a career I love.

Learning objective: Teachers seeking alternative career paths will be able to let go of feeling “stuck” in a career they can’t see themselves doing forever.

As we start a school new year amidst this pandemic, I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had over the past week that ended with, “Aren’t you glad you aren’t a teacher anymore?!” With all the crazy stuff that’s going on in the world and everyone’s finite amount of “F’s-to-be-given” already pretty much spent, teachers are starting the school year feeling demoralized, under-valued, and looking for alternative careers. …

100+ Prompts to connect remote teams all year long

For my past two jobs I’ve posted a question every week in my team chat and learned so much about my co-workers. Give it a try! :D

  1. Happy new year! List the first 3 words you see in this image. They are your reality for this upcoming year?
  2. If you could summarize last year in one word, what would it be? If you can wish a word upon next year, what would it be? 💡
  3. With new habits being formed for the new year, people are looking to pick up some new habits. What are your hobbies, and how did…

Illustrations by Jasmine Rosen

Do you have a blog post idea sitting idle because you don’t know how to make it good enough or interesting enough? Let’s be honest, most topics have been written about before, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a unique perspective about it! You just need to learn how to spice up a “basic” topic and make it your own. No fear — here’s 4 easy steps to transform any ole’ idea into a blog post everyone will want to read.

5 relationship-focused strategies to promote a culture of collaboration

Girl coordinating people to collaborate
Girl coordinating people to collaborate
Illustrations by Jasmine Rosen

Being on a “not-so-collaborative team” can be really frustrating and even cause people to leave great companies. But why is it such a common problem? Are some people just less collaborative than others and we need to accept that? I believe that any group of people can become a collaboration powerhouse with the right processes in place. In this post I’ll break down five strategies anyone can implement to increase the level of collaboration on their team.

5 tips to help you design more efficiently

Illustration by Holly Gibbs

Objective: Learn how to set up your design art-boards, files, and folders so that you can spend more time designing, instead of searching and rearranging.

Being organized is often a secondary thought for designers. “I’ll organize my files once my project is done,” or, “it’s not a big deal to stop what I’m doing to just send a file,” is the typical response when I ask designers how they approach organizing their work. However, when do you ever have time to organize your files after a project? And how much time are you spending tracking down files? …

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